Civil Engineering

Duvine has a long history of working with civil engineering partners, from consulting on the design of a project, through to installation onsite and ongoing maintenance throughout a products life.

Having worked with Civil Engineering companies for many years, we are able to combine our experience and knowledge to design, manufacture, install and maintain solutions which meet and exceed client requirements. Using our vast range of expertise and experiences we are able to deliver cost-effective, robust and reliable solutions.

Having an in-house design team allows us to design and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution based on a projects criteria and use. This ensures that our clients can be confident that the proposed system meets and exceeds their requirements whilst always maintaining reliability.

Our in-house test facility enables us to ensure the equipment we manufacture meets specification and design parameters prior to installation and commissioning.

Duvine have provided power systems for a broad cross section of companies within the Civil Engineering sector. From dedicated power solutions for critical and emergency infrastructure, such as road-side cabinets for Highways England, to Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system for repairs and new build projects, such as bridges, piers, jetties and other critical infrastructure.