Duvine specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke reliable power systems across many sectors.

As no project, sector or industry are the same, we have a great range of standard solutions, but if these are not sufficient, we will create a custom solution to suit your needs. After all, that’s what we do best.

 Whether this is a variant of a standard product or a unique requirement. Duvine’s expertise and experience allows us to be involved at the very early stages in the design process. Providing guidance and advice to meet and exceed client requirements.

 With over 30 years of experience of creating unique solutions, our in-house design team and flexible approach, allows us to provide the complete end to end solution, from design to manufacture to shipping out the end product.

 We work with clients to create both prototypes and finished products. By listening and understanding their unique power requirements enables us to create high quality, robust and reliable solutions.

 Our in-house test facility and skilled engineers ensure that each solution meets and exceeds client requirements prior to any acceptance testing being carried out.

We offer our clients the ability to witness FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) as well as being onsite for UAT (User Acceptance Tests) prior to any system going into a production environment.

The commitment and enthusiasm of our people sets us apart. We are totally dedicated to finding you the best solution. Our technical engineers will perform site visits and develop project plans and technical drawings as needed.

Customer Specification Received
Requirements Gathering
Initial Design Meeting
Draft Drawings & Specification Issued
Client Review, Rework and/or Acceptance
Client Acceptance