Oil & Gas

Duvine offers a wide variety of services and quality products to the Oil and Gas industry.

From design & consultancy to Cathodic Protection Power Systems, Duvine has many years’ experience working with clients in the Oil and Gas sector to meet safe, cost effective and unique solutions, in some of the harshest and most dangerous environments in the world.

Duvine’s expertise and experience allows us to be involved at a very early stage in the design process for power systems or cathodic protection power solutions. Providing guidance and advice to meet and exceed client expectation.

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Cathodic Protection

Working with both ageing and new pipelines and facilities to provide the power outputs to protect them from corrosion. Whether these are at the plants themselves or in the middle of a field, our Cathodic Protection Power systems supply the current which helps prevent corrosion.

Depending on the required output, these could be single or multi zone solutions.

Please see our Cathodic Protection page for further information