Oil & Gas

Duvine has offered a wide variety of services and quality power systems and batteries to the Oil and Gas industry for many years, ensuring they are safe, cost effective and reliable.

Duvine understands that within the industry, these products and systems are expected to withstand severe environmental conditions. Considering these factors and typical design and operational constraints, we have been able to consistently design and manufacture reliable and robust power systems.

With many years of knowledge and experience in this sector, Duvine understands that not every system is going to be the same, and that there are unique, critical design constraints to every project. Duvine’s expertise and experience allows us to be involved at a very early stage in the design process enabling us to create products that fit the customers requirements and follow all of the demanding criteria/specifications. 

No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers work closely alongside our clients providing guidance and advice to meet and exceed expectation, ensuring we provide the right level of power to fit their specific project. We are happy to maintain products throughout their life – however we also understand that these needs may vary or change during their projected life span.

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Cathodic Protection

Duvine provides Impressed Current Cathodic Protection power systems for protecting pipelines and facilities. These can be in single or multiple outputs formats depending on the age and specification of each individual requirement. We offer a variety of additional modules for remote access and control, thus increasing the longevity of the structure protected whilst reducing operating costs.

Duvine currently provide solutions which protect over 2.000km of pipeline.

Please see our Cathodic Protection page for further information