Ensuring power continuity for Utilities

An extended power loss to any utility or community they serve can have a devastating impact, especially for those who rely on their services. We design and manufacture a variety of DC power systems which enable our customers to provide continuity of service, by ensuring that a constant supply of power is always available. These have output voltages ranging from 12VDC to 400VDC.

Having an in-house design team enables us to design and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution based on the project criteria. This ensures that our clients can be confident that the proposed system meets and exceeds their requirements whilst reliability is always maintained. 

Having many years of experience working with utility companies allows us to have a better understanding of the critical design constraints required for each specific product and solution. Applications include control panels, general power supplies, battery chargers and switch tripping units for the electricity, gas and water distribution networks. These solutions are tailored to the requirements of each customer application and can be panel, din-rail or 19″ rack mountable.

Having an in-house test facility enables us to ensure the equipment we manufacture meets clients specification and design parameters prior to installation and commissioning.

Duvine’s systems come in the form of dedicated power solutions for critical and emergency infrastructure, such as powering remote monitoring equipment for pumping stations. We also provide Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems for infrastructure repairs and new builds.

Duvine are a UVDB approved supplier.

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