Duvine has supplied the rail industry with chargers and power supplies for over 30 years. We are the UK’s foremost manufacturer of dedicated rail power systems and have worked with Network Rail and associated companies to develop and supply systems for both infrastructure and on-board applications.

Duvine is the only UK Company PADS approved to supply Chargers, Axle Counters, Level Crossing and Signalling power supplies to the Rail Market.

Using our expertise and experience we are able to provide technical assistance to supply and create unique solutions, which are compact, modern and fit for purpose in these harsh environments.

Signalling Chargers:

The Duvine range of rail signalling battery chargers provide a compact, rugged, reliable and PADS approved solution for trackside DC power and backup.

DD910 Rail Signalling Battery Charger – PADS : PA05/02014

See Datasheet for Variants

DD920 Rail Signalling Battery Charger – PADS : PA05/02113

See Datasheet for Variants

Axle Counters:

Duvine offers two types of Axle Counters, either a wall or floor mounted option.

DD820 Axle Counter Power Supply unit – PADS : PA05/05535

See Datasheet for Variants

DD835 Axle Counter Power Supply unit – PADS : PA05/03952

See Datasheet for Variants

Track to Train:

DD141 – Standby Power Supply -Cat No. 087/072742

See Datasheet for Variants


DD696 Power Supply – Cat No. 088/997488

See Datasheet for Variants


Have a requirement which is outside of our standard products? Let us know your requirements and our dedicated team of design engineers will work with you to design, create and manufacture your required solution. Find out more…


NiCd batteries – further information to follow.