Design Consultancy

Duvine’s in house research, design and development team specialise in working on bespoke electronics projects for both standard and challenging environments.

We provide expertise in all aspects of the project from requirements capture and specification development through to concept creation, detailed design and product validation and verification.

Duvine has the capabilities to design custom power supplies, high and low power analogue and digital circuits, printed circuit boards, embedded microcontroller firmware, bespoke wiring looms and cable assemblies, electronic test jigs and custom enclosures.

Re-engineering and improving customers’ existing products and designs is another task Duvine has experience of performing, either to improve manufacturability, enhance a feature or add a new function. 

Our design team use specialised CAD software such as SolidWorks for mechanical design and Altium Designer for electrical and electronic design. Using these powerful CAD tools gives us great leverage to allow us to focus on the creative elements of design and keep the voice of the customer in mind throughout the process.

Depending on the project requirements, Duvine can provide everything from an initial concept prototype to a fully tested production unit. Supporting documentation such as test schedules, general arrangement drawings, wiring diagrams, circuit schematics native CAD files and CAM outputs can be provided dependant on the project.

Alongside our tools for creating designs, Duvine also has in-house tools for design validation testing. Our climate controlled environmental chamber allows us to test equipment at ambient temperatures between -70°C and +170°C and with humidity from 20% to 94% RH (between 5°C and 100°C). Duvine also have an EMC analyser which allows us to test radiated and conducted EMC emissions before expensive independent EMC testing begins.

We work on new bespoke systems, replacement systems and complete power projects of all sizes, delivering sustainable, affordable, well-designed solutions across a multitude of sectors. Our technical team bring a broad-range of knowledge and over 30 years’ experience of electrical engineering skill, as well as providing innovative new ideas and solutions.

If you have a project in mind or a specific requirement, then please get in touch.