What we do

Duvine are designers and manufacturers of a range of power supplies, battery charges, bespoke DC power solutions and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Power systems to a broad spectrum of vertical sectors.

Duvine has over 30 years’ experience with switch-mode rectification technology. We excel in the provision of robust and reliable standard products for demanding applications, as well as in the development of innovative bespoke solutions for individual customers.

Duvine offers a comprehensive range of switch-mode power supply modules for industrial, rail, and telecom applications.  Covering a large range of voltages, modules can be placed in parallel to give system redundancy or higher currents.

Alongside our standard product range, Duvine develops custom solutions for any application or sector. We design, manufacture and supply custom built power and distribution systems.  Designed to a customer specification we have in-depth experience of supplying units to a variety of demanding industry sectors from telecom data centres through to outdoor road/track side cabinets with high IP-rated enclosures for offshore oil and gas environments.

With our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of power solutions, we pride ourselves in offering customers the very best levels of service and support throughout the lifetime of our products.

We can also manage the installation of systems and offer full repair and maintenance service for all Duvine, Rectifier Technologies and non-OEM products.